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KELSY – Gas discharge visualization devices on Kirlian's effect

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The 1st International Conference. The Vibraimage World.


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03/24/2020 - HealthTest program for coronavirus detection

12/20/2019 - Optics Transforms Movements into Emotions. Vibraimage technology presentation

12/20/2019 - VibraImage technology discovers Physiology of Movements or Vestibular-Emotional Reflex. Presentation from Viktor Minkin on Live Systems conference, Moscow, 7th December, 2007, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology

12/20/2019 - Application of vibraimage technology for functional state analysis. Springer article about vibraimage.

12/20/2019 - Vibraimage seminar was organized June 27-28 by Korean police department in Seoul. Russian polygraph expert Andrey Medvedev presented the results of psychophysiological testing by vibraimage system based on Russian courts practice

12/20/2019 - Report about positive emotions control by vibraimage method prepared by BK V.G. Ivanov, Centre BKWSU, St. Petersburg, Russia and Viktor A. Minkin, Elsys Corp., St. Petersburg, Russia

10/10/2001 - ELSYS at The Second Russian Venture Fair.

09/19/2001 - Biometrics against terrorism

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